So what's it like to work here?


From the outset, the business formed from a need to be different. A need for systems that are different from the usual big name suspects and are not restricted by their specifications or sales process. The need for a different process altogether where conversations turn into consultations, project briefs, proof of concept evaluation, customisation, configuration, commissioning and production roll out. In other words, healthy, friendly relationships based on integrity, trust and always delivering.

Never Boring

Every project is different in terms of size, timeframe and complexity. This makes every day different at The Server Group. Areas of expertise can be drawn from various members of our team be it Graphics, liquid cooling, security software, server hardware, networking or bespoke chassis painting or printing. Our team is comprised of a passionate, skills and knowledge driven team who thrive on the challenges that fully bespoke system design & production brings. It’s what keeps our business fresh. Every day is different, and every day is a school day because our true passion is forming lasting relationships with our project customers and, over the course of these relationships, we learn as much about the customer’s industry as they do from our system expertise.


Sounds like a lot of work? Chaotic perhaps? To many other companies it probably would be, but to us it’s just another day in the office doing what we love excelling at. We have a great team with the skills and experience to manage just about anything. We have surpassed expectations for customers when they’ve come to us having been told by other companies that their project simply isn’t possible. We LOVE making the impossible possible. It’s what we do. We work hard and play hard. We have a growing portfolio of preferred partner relationships with tier one vendors such as Intel, NVIDIA, Asus and PNY and a fantastic team working with these vendors on various technical and sales training to ensure the best product advice for customers.

If you want help with your project or would like to work as part of a great team then you really should be talking to us.

We are The Server Group