New Systems Branding


New Systems Branding

All systems can be purchased in an off the shelf capacity all upgraded online with additional RAM, storage, adding cards and software. If your needs are more bespoke, our Server Store division will be more than happy to discuss a full custom solution.

Velocity is our new systems brand at The Server Group. Over the years we have seen through many bespoke projects for server and workstation hardware and systems. This experience has allowed us to draw upon a wealth of knowledge on what works for specific work flows and tasks. Using this experience we use our Server Store platform to host a pain free procurement process tailored by your workflow needs.

VelocityFlo – Our liquid cooled range of servers and workstations (rack mount or tower)

VelocityGo - Our range of slim professional laptops and mini PCs

VelocityServ - Our range of general purpose servers

VelocityStor - Our range of storage solutions

VelocityView - Our range of CCTV and a ANPR solutions

VelocityCall - Our of range of VoIP, call recording and monitoring solutions

We support the latest technologies and have relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry